Money Is Evil (Part 2- the birth of modern slavery)

In my previous post I summarized the absurdity that is the banking system used to create money in the majority of banks around the world. But that was nothing compared to the ramifications of this system which are the following:

1-Inflation- because the money supply is being constantly increased irrespective of the demand for goods/ services, the value of the currency diminishes and increases prices. Inflation is therefore an inherent and perpetual reality that is built into the system.

2-Interest- the issue with interest is that the amount of money owed to the banks plus the interest added will always be more than the money in circulation.  This means that bankruptcy is also built into the system and there will always be people who get the short end of things (by people I mean poor people).

4- The money supply is then increased again to deal with the fact that people need money to pay for the additional interest, which increases the inflation rate even more. You can see where this is going.

5- What this all means is that wealth is transferred from the individual to the banks. After all, money is made in the banks and will always return to them. If you can’t pay off your debts they will simply take everything you own; which is ridiculous because: 1- there isn’t enough money for everyone to be able to pay their debts. 2- The money they loaned you didn’t even exist in the first place.

6- In fact, in 1969, a bankrupt American man took his bank to court and argued that they have no right to take his home because the money they loaned him was only created on paper and did not come out of the bank’s assets. Basically, the bank didn’t own the money and just created a theoretical liability with is illegal and voids the contract. The man won the case and the judge added ‘only God can make something of value out of nothing’.  What this means is that when you take a loan from the bank that money is counterfeit, but everyone ignores this reality.

The important question is why have such a system?

The answer is simple: to control the masses.

After the American Civil War President Lincoln tried to create a debt free currency called the Greenback. Shortly after this, a document circulated between American and British bank interests saying that the Greenback can’t be allowed because the European plan is to control labour by controlling wages; and this is done by controlling the money. But it’s not possible to control the Greenback.

The monetary system is basically a form of modern slavery that put you in a constant state of inescapable debt so that you can submit to labour and power an empire that benefits only the elite. The weapons used by this empire are debt, interest and the economic hitman who are used to manipulate and corrupt third world countries into giving up their resources to big international companies The link below is of a section of the documentary that focuses on the role of the economic hitman. It’s very disturbing but should be watched..

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