Why are we SO dirty?

I had to hold back tears of frustration today while watching a documentary on Amazonian Indians. Although this community lives completely off of the Amazon forest, they are the most passionate conservationists and work hard to sustain and maintain their culture and surroundings. For every tree they need to cut down, they plant a new one and even their children are taught from a very young age to plant the seeds of the fruit  they eat. I watched in awe as a father shows his children the best places in the forest to replant the seeds of an exotic fruit they just finished eating. Its beautiful to see a community that lives in balance with nature as opposed to the destructive consumerism we see growing around the world. ‘This is Islam’, I thought  to myself and  the polar opposite of the lifestyles of  many people in the Gulf. If you want to see fancy museum-like houses, you will find many in this region of the world. But I seriously doubt you’ll find many cultures that are  obsessed with hand sanitizers and  living in sterile environments inside their homes, and at the same time, have no problem throwing their rotting garbage in public places. I’m sorry to say this but some Khaleejis have the most disgusting disrespect for the environment. Since moving to the Gulf I’ve been longing to reconnect with nature and escape the superficial and manufactured reality around me. For this purpose, I went one day to the beach, only to find the area and seawater littered with rubbish. Families were casually eating and throwing their garbage on the ground.       When did we become so detached from nature and so destructive? When did we become these  dirty people?I have had the opportunity to live in Saudi and Kuwait and unfortunately all I see around me is consumerism and pollution. It’s as though all people do here is consume and consume, and once this has gone through their digestive track they dump the resulting waste in public areas and pollute the very few green and natural spaces we have here. Dear polluter, I have one thing to tell you: toilets and bins exists for the same purpose. Your actual and consumer bowls need to be emptied in the designated and appropriate areas. No one appreciates seeing your waste dumped everywhere whether it’s a plastic bottle or anything else…In fact, if we were living in medieval England I would enjoy publicly shaming you and attacking you with a variety of rotting vegetables (preferably the same vegetables you just threw on the floor). It’s sad to say this but sometimes it is easier to find non-Muslims with a true Islamic soul than actual Muslims. 

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