10 life lessons you can learn from horror movies

1- If you hear a strange noise, never investigate it. Seriously why ask a question you don’t want the answer to?

2- An unlocked house or building is NOT an invitation to walk in.

3- Mirrors can reveal more than you expect…get rid of them, especially the ones in the toilet.

4- The next time you witness a murder, just drive in the opposite direction…

5- If you run over a man, it might be a good idea to just tell the police…that, or risk being stalked and murdered by a vengeful psychopath.

6- Appreciate your life and loved ones. Or this old man will make you pay.


7- If you’re on a date, avoid isolated forests in the middle of the night  or taking a romantic dip in a piranha infested lake.


8- Never play God. This is what you’ll create and it ain’t pretty…


9- If you’re trying to kill a  psycho, for God’s sake shoot them twice or empty the whole gun just in case…

10-Never accept holiday invitations from someone you’ve just met on the train. There’s a reason why our mothers tell us to never speak to strangers…


Yes, bad things happen…

and finally….

Remember to stock up on bullets, garlic and holy water in case of a zombie apocalypse, vampire attack and demonic possessions.

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