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Diary of a Shiite Kid- a regular day in the life of a regular Shiite

1- Wake up in the morning, change my clothes, brush my teeth and curse at the Prophet’s companions.


2- Stop by the cemetery for my usual grave worshiping rites, because who needs God when you have holy dead people?

3- Enjoy a day of hypocritical dealings with all my Sunni acquaintances whom I all secretly despise.

4-Trim my tail on my way back home from work. What? You thought I was human?


5-Brush up on my Farsi in my Iranian club where I also swear allegiance to the Supreme Leader and concoct various plans on how to spread fitna, schism and violence in the Muslim world. Yes, it’s true. We’re all out to get YOU. So beware.

6-Visit my Persian family and also visit my Jewish grandmother, because as all scientific and historical studies have shown, all Shiites have Persian and Jewish roots as well as Zionist tendencies.

7-Pray to the fire Gods for a blessed year. Did I not mention that I’m also a fire worshiper?


8- Make a list of all the different ways I can effectively distort Islam. Because it’s not like we’ve read the Quran, hadiths or have any sort of theological, philosophical and academic backing to anything we say or believe in. We just like to chat crap for the sake of it. Why?  Because we’re just that freaking evil.


9-Curse at the Prophet’s companions again because it’s very good manners and I also have nothing better to do with life than insult other Muslims.

10- Go to sleep.

Sounds ridiculous? Well it is. But what’s more ridiculous is the fact that many Muslims believe that the Shiite faith demands and encourages such behavior and beliefs. Countless innocent Shiite Muslims have been murdered around the world due to the propagation of this false image of Shiism. This is unfortunately what some Sunni Muslims had to say with regards to the recent murder of over 20 Shia Muslims in the Eastern Province due to an Isis bomb attack on a Mosque.

wahFrom right to left:

1- These ‘rejectors’ (a derogatory term used against Shiites) have no religion. They are the worst of God’s creation and the cause of evils and schisms. If God, his Prophet and Companions have not escaped them, then what about everyone else.?

2- I swear you infidel rejectors, we will quench the earth with your dirty blood. Have you forgotten Musab bin Omair in Diyali?’

wah3The call to bring the Sunnis and Shiites closer together ,is a call to bring together the opposites of Islam and paganism. For you can’t  bring together those who worship God alone and those who worship the Imams. 

wah6To the Saudi national anthem on Twitter: Eat shit and dirt you sons of ‘Mutaa’, rejectors, fire worshippers, dogs of Houthis. Scream as much as it hurts you infidels, polytheists and worshipers of shrines. Why do you curse the Companions? 


Today during the Friday sermon, the preacher in Ibad alrahman in alMarjan area called Shiites infidels, traitors and incited against them. I hope he is held accountable.

And on some other topics:

wah7They truly are fire worshipers and rejectors  with greater loyalty to Iran. I suggest deporting them to Tehran. wah5I swear if I went into Qatif, I’d slaughter your babies before your adults. Hashtag: police kill citizen in Qatif. 

wah8These are the rejectors. On the surface they are enemies of Israel but actually they support them. Hey are Jews and hypocrisy is one of their convincing pillars of Islam.  

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