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Girls are better than boys, and this is why (Safwa Stories)

The Tale of Boys and Girls 

There once lived two brothers. The first  conceived several boys and mocked his brother for only fathering girls. One day, during a gathering, a friend of the daughters-only sibling suggested to his saddened friend that the next time he is mocked, he should suggest that his younger daughter and the eldest son of his brother travel together in order to discover which of the two is better and more successful.   Soon after this, the daughters-only sibling was mocked by his brother again for only conceiving girls and so the traveling plan was brought up. The sons-only brother agreed and their two children took off.  The cousins soon separated and left for two different countries.

After a long journey, the girl who was disguising herself as a man, stopped in front of a mansion to ask for some water to drink. The door was opened by a young man who welcomed her in and insisted that she be their guest for the culturally-expected 3 days. The girl hesitated but soon accepted. What she didn’t realize was that the young man was suspicious that she was a girl in disguise and had already fallen for her. He insisted to his disbelieving mother that their guest was a female and was desperate to put his suspicions to rest.And so his mother came up with a plan to unveil the truth.  She told him to put some khat under his pillow and the pillow of the guest. If the guest’s khat wilts then this indicates that she is a female. That night the plan was put into place, but the girl woke up in the middle of the night and discovered the khat under her pillow. She removed it and swapped hers for the young man’s. In the morning the disappointed young man discovered that the khat had not wilted.

Despite the failure of the experiment, the young man still insisted that the guest was a female; and so his mother suggested another plan. The second day, the young man asked the girl to go for a swim in the springs near by. She agreed and when they arrived she swam with her clothes on. The young man asked her to take her clothes off but she replied that in her country the custom is to swim fully clothed. That day the young man returned home disappointed once again.

On the third day, the mother suggested that he get into a fighting match with the guest. If she’s a girl then he will easily beat her. The match begun but the girl fell on the ground and broke one of her teeth and so they were unable to continue. Her stay at the mansion had also ended and so she left with a large amount of money, gold and gifts from her love-stricken host.  The young man returned home only to discover a note from the guest saying: a woman was among you who was no whore nor a fornicator.On reading this, he decided to search all the land to find his love. By this time, the girl had returned home with many riches. Her family was delighted especially as her male cousin had returned home with nothing. She had proven her worth as a woman and the worth of her father who had conceived daughters only.

After some time, the rich young man arrived in her country with servants carrying many sweets. ‘Smile for a sweet’, they would call. Every individual who would smile would be given a treat as a way of finding the girl who had broken her tooth during her fighting match with the young man. Soon enough, they bumped into the girl. She immediately recognized the young man and smiled revealing a broken tooth. The young man saw this and knew he had finally found his love. The families were introduced and were married bringing more prosperity to the family; unlike the sons of the other brother who did not succeed in life.

The end

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