Why democracy is so overrated and philosophers should rule the world


This is probably the most elitist thing that I’ll ever post in my life but I really feel the need to burst the bubble of this overly romanticised picture we have of democracy. It frustrates me to no end when I see people fall back onto ‘democracy’ like it’s some infallible ideal and use it to casually (and superficially) categorise countries into goodies and baddies.  Believe me, a simple combination of studying political philosophy and working with human rights charity Reprieve was enough to make me completely lose trust and hope in the democratic process and these are the reasons why:

1-      Voting and majority rule is all good when you’re living in a civilised society. But what if you’re living in a country of hooligans who all want to vote for some crazy dude? Do we just grin and bear it because nothing is more important than the ‘democratic…

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