News Picks

Mermaids can’t exist? Think Again- Today’s News Picks


Inside the mind of an Isis bomb plotter (Guardian)

Isis members in Aleppo, Syria

If you’re like me and dying to have some insight into the mind of these crazy people, this is the article for you as it documents parts of an interview with a detained Isis member.


Pro-Refugee Demonstrations in Vienna (Guardian)


So apparently there’s still some good in the world. Bless you lovely people of Vienna.


New Zealand’s Final Four Flag Designs (Guardian)

Naruto fans beware, New Zealand is secretly Konoha. Just check out their quirky flag designs


Spotting a Psycho (Independent)

Speaking of Isis and their psychopathic ideology, here’s some interesting facts about spotting a psycho. Very interesting and entertaining article.


Stupid Things that Smart People do (Business Insider)

If you’re a smart person but happen to be your own worst enemy, you’ll relate a lot to this article. Again very entertaining and so so very true.


Surprising facts about motherhood (

Cute and personal experiences of different mothers. Quite insightful too!

Science and Technology 

How would you look like if you were a mermaid? (BBC)

Super cool interactive piece on the aquatic potential of humans. There’s a small video and many hands-on  sections comparing our abilities to aquatic animals and how our bodies would need to adapt for life underwater.


Seeing with your mind’s eye (BBC)

Picturing images in your head and visualizing are basic skills that most individuals have. But imagine closing your eyes and not being able to conjure up an image of your mother in your head? This is a condition called Aphantasia. The article even has a little test for you to do.

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