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Dear Racist, guess what? We’re all mixed race

A few years back I was given a genetic test kit by my husband as a birthday present (odd choice I know, but super cool). But I didn’t expect the experience to shake my perception of who I am. Like a lot of people, I would imagine, I grew up with a strong sense of regional identity. My parents are both Arab and from the same town in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. My family is quite traditional in that very few of us have married from outside our own tightly knit community. Naturally, I expected my genetic results to reflect this. I’m Arab and so technically, a Southwestern Asian. What possibly could this test have to say? Boy, was I wrong. Check this out:


So as it turns out I’m quite the exotic hybrid. like sort of thinking you’re a cafe latte, then realizing you’re actually a caramel hazelnut macchiato with a dash of cinnamon. Tasty.

It took me a long time to adjust to this new sense of identity. I was only 29% Southwest Asian. Not nearly as Arab as I thought. And suddenly the whole world became my home. I have African blood, European ties, and even Northeastern Asian genes. Why hello there brother!


Not only this. But as it turns out, almost all of us are a luscious cocktail of inter-racial genes. It’s obvious that our ancestors had no where near the amount of scruples we have today regarding intercultural marriage. They liked to get it on with every flavour out there. Maybe we should learn a lesson from them.

No. None of us are truly racially ‘pure’, and the entire Earth is our home regardless of geographical and political borders. Remind yourself of this the next time you see an ‘immigrant’ and think they don’t belong in ‘your’ country. It’s not your country. In fact, you don’t even know where you come from. So without further ado, let me enlighten you:

brit betgersprussbulgromaaprtunsegypkujapchiniran

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