Shot myself in the foot

Day 3

So yesterday two really great things happened:

Number 1: had the best Mexican rice bowl from Chilli Pepper. Honestly, is there anything better than rice smothered in guacamole, salsa and sour cream? Of course there is. It’s rice smothered in guacamole, salsa, sour cream; and also topped with grilled prawns, jalapenos, corn, more salsa… but I digress.

Number 2: I received this email.


Yes, it’s another rejection. But how sweet is Alexander? Now there’s an agent who knows how to turn a girl down. People from the publishing industry will tell you that it’s not the simple fact of being rejected that’s important but how  you’re rejected. And in the context of my previous emails, this one was pretty decent.  More than pretty decent actually, I almost swooned when I read ‘there was much to be admired here’.


I sound quite sad, but really, you get such little feedback from agents that a positive word here or there is a very special experience. Bring forth the champagne! Well actually I don’t drink.

But then, my celebratory moment was ruined when I scrolled down to double check the name of the agency Alexander works for. My eyes fell on the words Conville and Walsh and I was like:


Literally. I realised then that I had inadvertently shot myself in the foot. No, not for real. Do you think this is America?

This needs a little back story.  When I started compiling my agent hit-list I was relying on a website called LitRejections (such an appropriate name right?). I spent hours sifting through their lists and during that same period I went on an emailing frenzy. I knew that this was a bad idea but did it anyway and sent quite a mediocre cover letter  to lots of literary agencies including Conville and Walsh without really personalizing my emails too much. But since I started using Agent Hunter, I came across a lovely lady called Sue who sounded perfect based on the juicy info given on the website. I was very keen on approaching her with my manuscript but she works with Conville and Walsh too; meaning that I’ve sort of wasted my opportunity with them. Especially as I’m not sure they accept re-submissions now that I’ve been officially rejected. Damn these first world problems…


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