The All or Nothing Culture- Why we should not ostracise those who practice less

updated this post


In a world filled with these images of Islam:



Why are these…




..offensive pictures in the eyes of some Muslims?

This isn’t a post about the technicalities of whether it really is ‘Islamic’ to wear funky and tight Hijabi clothes, or if the comedian Dean Obeidalla in the ‘hug a Muslim’ picture above really should have been open to hug both genders. Nor is this a post about ‘freedom’ of expression and what not, because this isn’t the real issue here.

No.This is a post about all those annoying preachy Muslim folk out there , who not only love to monopolize Islam, but also feel the need to make everyone else feel like a ‘bad’ Muslim for not practicing every single detail of the religion. For those who know me, this is all coming from someone who happens to be a conservative Muslim who, in fact,  likes to practice all details…

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