Hi there! My Name is Alwia Al-Hassan and this little corner of the vast internet belongs to my blog baby-Papercuts- a culture magazine -type blog that aims to provide lighthearted and  thought-provoking articles on  a variety of social, cultural and ideological topics.

I’m also a mother and aspiring author with several projects under work.

The Tressians is my debut new adult novel. It’s a dystopian, post-apocalyptic, apartheid story, which I hope will be on the path to publishing in the not too distant future. I won’t give away too much but let’s just say now that hair plays a huge role in the world of my novel.

I’m also working on my very first children’s picture book, short story and historical novel, as well as researching for a historical novel based around the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia.

Yes, it’s a lot of writing.  But it will all be worth it if you all enjoy it.

If you are interested in contributing some articles to Papercuts, please send them to:


I would be happy to publish your writing -under your own name of course. Follow me on my blog by adding your email or like my Facebook page if you want to receive notifications on my latest posts.

Happy Reading!

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